So I couldn’t stay away from my Nokia N900 . It has been burning a hole in my brain ever since I turned it off for my new Samsung Galaxy S II. But it’s on tonight and after a brief charge I decided to visit the Community SSU/Changelog page to see if anything has been happening and discovered there have been a number of firmware updates since my last update (PR update available for Maemo 5 CSSU) with the latest version being 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo1.1 dated 30.11.2011.

The changelog says the following (Source – Community SSU/Changelog):


Fixed bug #12318: Open lid dialog has no close button


Fixed portrait wallpapers.
Fixed crash snap_grid_size == 0.
Improved blacklist support for games.


System security update/fix: Added the two compromised Malaysian signing certs to the blacklist.

modest / tinymail

Fixed modest missing Save attachments translation.
Recompiled without thumb, fixes crash issues.


Depend on libt4-test, fixes a common upgrade issue.

How to install:

[NOTE: Before following my installation route, consider the Community SSU route – Point 3 is important–> Open this page in N900 web browser. Think for a minute if you want to be a tester supporting CSSU bleeding edge, or you want a stable CSSU, then click on the correct Installation stable or testing green button at top of this page].

As my Nokia N900 has been off for the past 4 months I just went into Settings, App Manager and tapped on the Update button and after a few minutes the following screen appeared – New software updates, and on the list right at the top was Maemo update.

I didn’t try and install everything at once, insteaded tapped on Continue and then only ran the Maemo update. It took about 5 minutes to upgrade the firmware to the latest version and afterwards it rebooted the N900. After a successful reboot it popped up a message “Operating system successfully updated“. I then went into Settings, About Community SSU to verify the vesion. All done – That was easy!

A big thanks to everyone (Andrew Flegg, Thomas Perl, Nicolai Hess, Niels Breet, Andre Klapper, Christian Ratzenhofer, Faheem Pervez, Roman Moravcik, Tomasz Pieniazek, Andrew Zhilin, Ivaylo Dimitrov, Pali Rohar, Javier S. Pedro and Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh) involved in the updates.

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