My Nokia N900 is about this unique versatile open source Linux Smartphone, created by Nokia and supported by the Maemo, Meego and Nitdroid community.


Full Specifications:

Check out the Maemo-Nokia website.

Nokia N900 The Good:

If you are a multi-tasker, web surfer, twitter follower, love to chat on instant messenger services such as AOL, MSN, Skype, GTalk, Yahoo, Facebook Jabber, etc, like to share photos on Flickr, OVI, play games even play those old atari, ZX Spectrum games, listen to music, watch video, listen to internet radio, travel with GPS, geotag photographs and video, fiddle in X-terminal screen, run scripts, test applications, play with software that is still in Alpha or Beta then this phone is most certainly for you. It is incredible. You will not get bored with this phone! BTW: It is possible to make calls. (ha ha).

Nokia N900 User Manuals:

Nokia N900 User Manual disclaimer:

One uses the information on this website at your own risk. Most applications listed have been installed and tested on my Nokia N900. There have been times when software has locked up or hung my N900 or times when I have had to reflash the device. (Lots of times). I have installed software even when websites have said it will causes crashes. It is best to only install tested software, but its entirely up to you what you install on your device, just realize the risk and be responsible. Always backup your N900 before installing anything that might contain some risk.

You can find me on the Maemo community website under the username MyNokiaN900. If you are a creator of a Maemo widget, application, program, addon etc, and would like me to review or test your software then drop me an email or private message me and I would be glad to help out.

You can also follow me on Google+ under the same name MyNokiaN900.