I had just finished writing the “How to speed up your Nokia N900 considerably?” post, and there is already a newer (final version of the speed patch) available from Karam and guess what? It’s even quicker. Most noticeable flicking through different screens, or the taskbar and even scrolling in the application menu etc.

Installation instructions:

Download speedpatch.tar.gz and save it to your /home/user/MyDocs/ folder.
If you have bash installed, you can ignore this step else run the following:

sudo gainroot apt-get install rootsh bash
Staying in X-term or PUTTY run the following scripts.
Note: Ignore Any Errors that appear about device resources are busy.

mv /home/user/MyDocs/speedpatch.tar.gz ./ tar xzvf speedpatch.tar.gz mv speedpatch /etc/event.d mv transitions.ini /home/user/MyDocs chmod +rwx speedpatch.sh chmod +rwx /etc/event.d/speedpatch ./speedpatch.sh rm speedpatch.sh /etc/rc.local
Reboot N900.

Note: I am running this speed patch with the latest Power Kernel 47 so that overclocking is possible. I have also got the application Swappolube for extra speed tweaks, and I am running the latest CSSU version PR, which has it’s own speed tweaks.

To uninstall:

rm /etc/event.d/speedpatch rm /usr/local/sbin/cgroup_clean rm /etc/rc.local

Reboot N900..