According to the FAQ page, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan is a rhythm game for the Nintendo DS. The game play consists of only three elements: tapping circles on the touch-screen, dragging a ball across a fixed path and rotating a spinner very fast. All these elements are timed to (covers of) popular Japanese songs.

With that said I found a really cool game for my Nokia N900 called Hits created by bober12 (Просмотреть профиль) for the Maemo Coding Competition in 2012. It is based on the OSU! game.

Note: All images below belong to bober12 (Просмотреть профиль) of

Quoting bober12’s blog;

The game is very easy and simple to play – you have to touch circles according the music.
You have to push hit-circle, when the outer circle is same size as the inner circle for maximum score. If you push later or faster you will get less score.

Beatmaps are compatible with OSU! & PC game beatmaps. You can get more beatmaps at the OSU! website or at beatmaps mirror websites.

Installation & Download Links:
To install beatmaps you have to unzip .osz file content to /MyDocs/Hits_maps/any_folder_name[1]/
*[1] – You can use folders to organize beatmap files.


Last [mirror]- 0.9.5
Old versions: Download [mirror] – 0.9.4

Please visit bober12 blog for updates or if you wish to drop him an email. His details are on his website.