This evening I was browsing the OVI Beta store on my Nokia N900 and stumbled upon a music application that has the potential of being useful. If you are into live music then BandFan is your type of application. It uses the GPS in the N900 along with a ‘live location network’ to find your favorite concerts in your area.

After I loaded BandFan and made a connection to a satellite, I could see instantly that Lady Gaga will be doing her thing at the O2 Arena, Peninsula Square, Greenwich, which lucky for me is only 12.6 miles away in a westward direction.

Tapping on the ‘Lady Gaga’ image opened another screen which offered a description, which sadly displayed a messsage “Sorry, no further information is available“. Now this is where the application fails in my opinion, because the very least it should be telling me is WHEN Lady Gaga will be playing at the O2 Arena and listing the dates, which makes me think this application is not linked in any way to the artist or to the organisers. A link to an official ticket sales website would also be a good idea.

There is also a “Show on Map” button, which shows the location of the venue, but it didn’t quite get the correct coordinates of the O2 Arena. I had to zoom in a few times to get the star to be close. It was slow loading and pointless.

Other semi useful information was a list of bands or artists and WHERE they will be playing, but again this is totally useless if the application cannot tell you WHEN they will be playing. The time wasted loading this application could be better spent logging onto a ticket website to find out more information.

Uninstall time!