Tweed Suit is the latest twitter client to burst onto the N900 scene. Created by Mece, this application is being developed at a rapid rate with plenty of suggestions coming from the Maemo community.

Tweed Suit is a desktop style Twitter client and RSS reader for people with good eyesight and the need for massive amounts of information. You don’t actually have to have a Twitter account to use it. You can just use it as a information gathering tool, but obviously without the direct messages, home and mentions.

More on Tweed Suit in a moment, some twitter history:

Back when I first got my Nokia N900 there was Witter & Mauku twitter clients and that was about it! They were okay at the time, but then TweeGo came along, and it was refreshingly different. Very simple to use, finger friendly, quick to load, it supported multiple twitter accounts, but it was fairly basic in functionality which is a shame.

Then the twitter bar was raised high with the introduction of TwimGo, a brilliant twitter application. Read my post “Twimgo 2.7.1 twitter application from Tommi Laukkanen“.

This app has been updated constantly by Tommi over the past 4 months, making it my top ranked twitter client, but can it or will it be toppled by Tweed Suit?

Tweed Suit Top Features:

In my opinion Tweed Suit is very similar to TweetDeck whereby columns can be added for a user, a search phrase or a word, a Mention, a Direct Message (DM), a list, a home etc by tapping on the + sign in the left hand menu.

One can also add a column for a RSS feed. This is super cool especially if you follow loads of websites, news sites, blogs etc.

There are two columns per page and one can set the size of the font by tapping on the double AA’s in the bottom left hand corner, which then determines how many rows can be seen at any given time. There is nothing wrong with my eye sight and the smallest font offers a lot more on the screen.
There is also a full screen button in the bottom right hand corner making even more tweets or feeds visible.
Once columns have been added they can be scrolled left or right and each column can be independently scrolled up and down.

Scrolling between columns is very smooth once the columns are loaded. At present I have over 9 columns and they load up slowly at first and then scroll really quickly. It’s been build this way for better caching.
At the bottom of the screen are some squares. These represent a column and they act as a navigation icon for quick access to the desired column.

Columns can be moved by holding the top bar of a column. A small menu appears with arrows on either side. One can then tap in the direction one wants the column to move too.
To tweet just tap the blue bird and out jumps the space for your message. The number of characters remaining is clearly visible.

Tweed Suit is visually pleasing, by that I mean the colours work well together and there is even a moving theme.
Tapping on a users icon displays a larger icon in the middle of the screen.

There is a TRANSLATE button, this is a definite highlight for me because I am now able to read foreign tweets.

An awesome application. I can’t say that enough. It topples TwimGo for now for all of the above reasons. For a full changelog and all the extra features, please vist the website where Tweed Suit was first announced.