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How to install NITDroid version 0.0.9 on N900?

I recently installed NITDroid version 0.0.9  (Android 2.2 port) onto my Nokia N900.  I found all the information over on the forum. (I recommend visiting this thread for more information, so one can see the problems people have experienced and the solutions that are available).

I don’t type all the code via my N900 keyboard, instead I make use of my WIFI connection and an OpenSSH connection (download it from the App Manager), then from my computer I open WinSCP or Putty and connect wirelessly to the N900 to run the commands. It’s a lot easier.

Check out “How to connect N900 with PC using WIFI“, a great tutorial.


NITDroid kernel:

NITDroid version 0.0.9:…-0.0.9.tar.bz2

Copy both files as they are to your /home/user/MyDocs folder. I use WinSCP to copy the files from my computer to the /home/user/MyDocs folder.

Installing NITDroid 0.0.9 to the EMMC:

  1. Enable all repositories from App manager (Extras-testing, Extras-devel, Extras and the default Nokia repositories).
  2. Install Leafpad from the App manager and make sure that you have root access.
  3. Open WinSCP, connect to your N900 via WIFI. Click into the Commands menu and select “Open in Putty”. It will take you to the root of your N900.
  4. Execute the following commands to download and install the ‘NITDroid installer package’ but DO NOT RUN IT:
  5. apt-get update
    apt-get install nitdroid-installer
    y again if it asks again
  6. You now have the old NITDroid installer but DO NOT RUN IT.  Close the Putty window.
  7. In WinSCP, click into the Commands menu and select “Open in Putty”. It will take you to the root of your N900.
  8. cd /home/user/MyDocs
    bzip2 -d NITDroid-0.0.9.tar.bz2
    cd /home
    mkdir /and
    cd /
    mount /home /and
    cd /and
    tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/NITDroid-0.0.9.tar
    dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/NITDroid-kernel-Mido.Fayad.deb

  9. On the N900 open X Terminal:
  10. sudo gainroot
    leafpad /etc/multiboot.d/1 (then press tab on your touchscreen)

Your .item file shall open under leafpad. Take a look at the ITEM_DEVICE. If you’re using an mmc it must read: ITEM_DEVICE:${INT_CARD}p2 or if you don’t have an mmc then it must read: ITEM_DEVICE:mmcblk0p2

Restart the N900 with the keyboard open and you should see a Multiboot menu with the option to boot to:

  1. Maemo kernel
  2. NITDroid 2.6.28.NIT.06 on mmcblk0p2

See Multiboot, BackupMenu and Kernel Power46 tutorial for more information on overclocking, setting up the multiboot and backupMenu.

Apply Updates:

  1. On-screen keyboard (size) –
  2. mount /home /and
    cd /home/user/MyDocs
    cp LatinIME.apk /and/system/app/
  3. FakeGPS –
  4. root
    mount /home /and
    cd /home/user/MyDocs
    cp /and/system/lib/hw/

  5. Alpha-numeric Keyboard FIX – Download this:…hires22_27.zip1. Install HTC_IME_hi22.apk ONLY
    2. In Android, goto Settings —> Language & Keyboard and select HTC_IME

Uninstalling NITDroid:

mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /and -o noatime

Source of information:

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