(n) Transition = a change, alteration, modification.

Ricky Tournee, the guy behind the brilliant ‘Font Changer’ and ‘Theme Customizer’ applications has rolled out a new ‘control panel (settings) application’ called CSSU Transitions tuner, which allows changes to be made to my Nokia N900 and all from one location. In the past I had to manually update the transitions.ini file located at /usr/share/hildon-desktop/ if I wanted to add faster transitions or blur etc.

So what does this application offer?

A selection of transition speeds; Ultra fast, fast, normal, slow and turtle.
One can change the task switcher view from the default look to a single column or a double column.
Force rotation, so now you can switch on or off the Portrait mode.

Rotate around z-axis.
Blurness saturation.
Zoom on press.
App menu blur.

I didn’t install this application, as it appeared automatically in my notification bar, but this is because I have previously installed the CSSU from their website at Maemo.org. The guys behind it are currently doing what Nokia should have done for the N900 and that is update it regularly. CSSU is a breathe of fresh air for this device and I am very grateful to them for making my Nokia N900 better than it ever was.

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A big thank you to the Maemo 5 Community SSU.