One of the most awesome things about my Nokia N900 is the fact that I can have multiple desktops (up to 7 in this example) and have an unique background for each desktop. There are not many smartphones on the market today that can offer this feature. By default the N900 comes with four desktops that can each be customized to ones liking. Install an application such as MaeModder and suddenly 9 desktops are possible each with their own backgrounds.

I have broken my desktops into distinct areas for ease of use. Above is my communication desktop and on it sits all my most useful applications. I found this couch image via Stumbleupon and if anyone knows the name of the photographer, please let me know so I can give them credit. The images are incredibly stunning.

My second desktop contains all my editors, file managers, application managers, tools that I would use to hack or mod my Nokia N900.

My third desktop is for media (Photo, Music and Video) and also contains my web browsers and online search tools.

My forth desktop contains a mix of most used online pages, games I am currently playing and an eBook reader.

My fifth desktop contains nothing but the weather widget. Montego Bay is where I will be heading to in April, so it’s a fitting reminder of the weather we can look forward too.

My sixth desktop use to contain just black and white icons to match the colours of the girls slacks. Now it contains a mix match of applications I find useful, but don’t use all that often.

My final desktop has the Contacts 2 application layered over screen. It looks really sexy.

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