Michael Muth, the guy behind Conky is back with another cracking application called Clipman Clipboard Manager. It’s not a final product yet, but is well on the way to being one of those stand out applications for my Nokia N900.

As the name suggests the application captures my clipboard entries, which could a Copy (CTRL+C) or Cut (CTRL+X) from any document, terminal or website that I have used and stores them in a database ready to be listed or reused at a late date.

It is very similar in practice to the Microsoft Office Clipboard Manager that stores all your clipboard entries and allows one to quickly recall something. For the best results Clipman should be opened and minimized to run in the background. I keep ClipMan in my Quick Launch, so it’s always ready for me to access. The screen for ClipMan is very simple. It lists all the entries in Date/Time order. If you want to recall a specific entry just tap on the title and a window appears at the bottom.

Now press the top right hand icon and the entry is copied back into the clipboard, ready for you to paste into whatever you are working in.

There are two other icons on the screen, namely a bin for deleting entries in the list and third icon is currently not in use. One can also click into the menu where there is a choice to “Empty the database”. This will clear it down and all entries in the list will go. One can also “Compact Database” if your list grows to large.

A brilliant little application. You can download ClipMan from your Application Manager. Ensure your Extras Repositories are loaded. As mentioned above, this is not a final product yet and Michael has mentioned that the application could contain some bugs. Visit Maemo.org for the full run down.