I use Conky every day to look at the performance on my Nokia N900, especially since I am running power kernel for over clocking. It’s a brilliant little application and gives one a lot of useful information about your device.

I just discovered that there is a new version out or it’s been out for a week or two. I am not sure who created this app originally, but Creamy Goodness started a thread over at talk.maemo.org, where he/she has listed a whole raft of new features, fixes, etc for Conky. Check out my super sexy Conky below.

What caught my eye was the ability to add a background, which is just awesome! (I know small things but hey!). My Conky is controlled by a conky.conf that is located in /home/user/MyDocs, so it’s highly customizable (not difficult at all to edit and test).

Edit: 5th June 2011: I’ve been playing around with the conky.conf file, which has a whole bunch of features that can be turned on or off, thus giving you more or less information on the screen. Here is an example of less information:

And here is an example with everything turned on:

I use WinSCP to quickly connect to my PC to my N900 over WIFI and then was able to copy and edit the files with ease. Testing Conky was easy.

Check out http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=64434 for a changelog and full details on how to install this application.