I found this really cool application called Wallpaeper, which is used to create Image Sets for My Nokia N900. According to Maemo.org it’s author is S Dijkstra (berserk) and the application can be found in Utilities, which is exactly where I found it in my application manager area.

Clicking on ‘Create a new’ button allows one to create a new image set from scratch. The screen is very well laid out and it’s really easy to add your own images to the set. All one has to do is give the image set a name. I decided to use Megan Fox as my example.

Note: Prior to using Wallpaeper, I downloaded a few choice (safe) images off the Internet of Megan Fox, resized them to 800 x 480, which is the default background size and then uploaded them into .images on My Nokia N900. One can add the photos into their own folder but there is no need.

Now it’s just a matter of pressing the Image 1, 2, 3 and 4 location with your finger and browsing to the image you want displayed. The Open file page can be filtered by name, so if one knows the file name as I did, it’s very easy to locate the image. Tapping the filename meg1 loaded the image into screen.

Finally you have the option to set the filename with or without an file extension. This is very useful if one is using other applications such as Prismic Wallpaper Manager.

The end result:

Megan Fox Image Set