I like applications that are well written and fun to use on my Nokia N900. cute Tube by Stuart Howarth is one such application. It plays Youtube videos really well. The interface is clean and very effective. When the application starts up it remembers the account you were last logged in as.

cute Tube features:

Multiple Youtube accounts, multiple playback quality options, auto rotation.
Video download path setting, video download quality, instant or delayed downloads.
Quick search via a seach query or a video URL, can order your searches by date published, relevance, view count or rating.
Can call up or show your most recent searches quickly, the ability to add one or multiple videos to a playlist.
Facebook & Twitter sharing, URL copying, video download, fast play/pause/stop, full screen video.
Like/dislike, add/view comments, add to favourites, add to queue.

The icons on well spaced out, clear, large and finger friendly on all the screens. Clicking on the ‘Most Viewed’ button quickly loads a list of videos. Each line shows a video thumbnail with the video length in time on the bottom right corner of the thumbnail. There is also a name of the video and who uploaded it and when it was uploaded. Scrolling up and down is very fast. There are roughly 25 videos displayed per screen, however clicking on a plus sign icon near the bottom loads more videos. (very efficient).

I clicked on the first video, which happened to be ‘Britney Spears – Hold it against me’. The screen loaded fast and it was a pleasure to see the social side of Youtube on the page. There are dedicated buttons for copying the video URL, Facebook and Twitter sharing, a download button and a play button. More video options are available by clicking on the ‘Video Info’ in the top menu.

It’s also nice to see extra information such as:

The number of likes versus dislikes.
The number of times the video has been viewed.
The number of comments.
A video description.

Back on the front screen there is a button named ‘My Channel’ and it loads a screen with the following options:

Uploads – Shows your uploaded videos.
Favourites – Shows all the videos you have tagged as a favourite.
Playlists – Shows any playlists you may have created.
Subscriptions – Shows a list of users you have subscribed too. This is like a RSS feed.

This is a nice thought by the creator as you can see your video uploads, past favourites, playlists that you have added too and subscriptions that you are linked too.

Download cute Tube from Extras in your Application Manager.