There is this post over at The Prodical Guide stating “The seven reasons why you should avoid buying the N900“. I’ve posted an opposing comment and would you believe it, my comment has not being displayed? (The @TheProdigalFool assures me I have not made any comments or they don’t exist – ha ha ha!!! – technical glitch – no insinuation intended :-)).

So rather than try in vain to get my comments across, I thought I would make it easy for all and just post my comments here on my website. I am not going to re-write the whole post, instead I will just list the seven points and give my explanation.

To: @TheProdigalFool

I think the biggest problem with your negatives are that you did not have the N900 long enough. There is no way you could have judged the device in a short period of time. The N900 needs a month or two for a true decision and I’ll explain against your seven points:

#1 The screen is yesterday’s technology – WRONG!

That is entirely a preference and not a fact. Having had the Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 and now the Nokia N900 this is by far the best lag free resistive screen on the market. It responds perfectly with fingers, gloves, and even the stylus. The screen is bright and way better than say the iPhone. (that is a personal view like you have made, as I don’t believe the iPhone works with gloves – ha!).

#2 The software isn’t finished yet and may never be – WRONG!

Isn’t that the idea of most smartphones with firmware updates? To improve what is currently available? At what point would it have been a finished product? The software on the Nokia N900 is way beyond anything that is available on any other device or phone. You clearly got the device at the wrong time. How many other devices come with Skype built into the phone module? There are hundreds if not thousands of applications for the N900. Just install the extra repositories and discover the world of linux, and maemo, python, ruby and all the flavors of emulators. Being open source, has meant the device can grow in all areas, as an example, if one taps into the application manager there are 13 areas where you can download applications from. Finally on this point, Meego is going to revolutionize the N900 and even if it doesn’t, there are thousands of developers out there improving the N900 every day.

#3 It doesn’t work properly as a phone – WRONG!

Bear in mind the N900 is not a phone. It’s a tablet or a mini computer first and has a phone function that happens to be in portrait mode as Nokia realized that most people hold phones in a vertical way. As a phone it works brilliantly. Sound quality is awesome, and if you couple it via A2DP Bluetooth headphones (BH-905) you can have crystal clear voice / sound with noise cancelling. The address book is excellent and contacts can be easily found. One of it’s ‘Ace of Spades’ is the fact that the N900 can make VOIP calls directly from the phone function (name another phone or tablet that can do this???). Google Talk, Skype Calls are possible and any other VOIP set up you may have and this can be done FREE. It’s built into the phone function. Going back to the “only in Portrait Mode”. This can be changed to horizontal mode as well and the speaker can be used. There is a firmware update coming out soon that will address the Portrait mode for other applications on the device. In the meantime it is possible to hold the N900 in one hand and browse the internet, zoom in and out, scroll up and down. There is a handy hack for this – Press Ctrl+Shift+O and voila, single hand use is possible. With applications from the repository it’s possible to single hand text as well using the standard ABC2 DEF3 touch screen keyboard.

#4 It’s a huge, geeky brick – WRONG!

You are comparing the Nokia N900 with the iPhone and HTC Legend, which do not have a slide out QWERTY keyboard. If those two phones had a keyboard it would be thick and Geeky looking wouldn’t it? The Palm Pre is hardly a phone in the same league as t