I found this very cool application called Horizontal-Call in the application manager under Utilities. The application allows easy searching and calling to contacts in your contact list, while the phone is mounted in your car, in horizontal mode, and the HW keyboard is unreachable. Also, searching and dialing a contact in any situation is much easier and faster using this application. The application was created by Eitam Doodai, and he talks about his application on his website Nokia Times.

It has a large font making it easy to press letters of the contact name one is searching for. Each name is letter indexed so as one types in the letter, up pops the only available names with those letters. (It is very quick).

It uses Dbus to dial the numbers providing the usual phone interface.

There is also the option to tap on the number and to Call or SMS, and there is support for the fastSMS application.

The screen can be set to auto rotate, landscape only or portrait only. Portrait mode works really well. I am impressed.