If you are looking for an awesome file manager then cast your eye on FileBox. You might be use to using File manager (default) or CuteExplorer or even Midnight Commander, but after using FileBox by Matias Perez, there is no going back.

It got so many cool features one would expect to find in a file manager, which I will try and explain. The thing that struck me immediately was how good everything looks on the screen. The icons are nicely spaced out (no clutter), everything is clear, and extremely finger friendly. Scrolling is an absolute pleasure, so smooth and effortless.

It’s the first file manager I have come across where one can pick a icon style. Nice touch. The main Setting area is accessed by pressing on the cog (4th icon on the right). In Settings, one has the option to set the Home folder. It is very useful to be able to quickly “Go home” by just pressing the home icon at the top of screen.

One very useful setting is the ability to set the default Text Editor. In my screenshot above one can see I have set Leafpad as my editor of choice. When I went into the Text Editor options, it automatically listed all the text editors available on my Nokia N900, namely Notes (default), Leafpad and Vi.

There are some extra options that can be turned on or off namely:

Enable root access (useful if you want to quickly drop into Terminal from the Tools menu).
Show file detail (You can see this below against the Aircraft folder).
Show hidden files and folders (The hidden folders have a dot on the front (e.g. .images).
Enable Multiselection. If this option is on, then one has to double tap to go into the folder. A single tap will check the folder (see the white block to the left of the folder name.

Show thumbnails for images – I like this option, but I would like to see an extra option that allows one to increase the size of the thumbnail, something like Windows 7 has (a sliding bar for icon size).

Tapping on an image takes one into the Image gallery automatically.

Trust me, I am not done with this post. FileBox is massive in features, so next time I will run through the some of the Tool options (there are plenty, a whole extra screen), the Clipboard, and a little more on Multiselection etc. In the mean time one can download this brilliant application from the Application Manager and the Maemo.org download website.