Imagine having a Smartphone that only has one Internet browser! Quite a sad thought to be honest. My Nokia N900 happens to have three different browsers loaded at present. MicroB is the default browser and the one I use the most, as I find it to be the most efficient for loading large websites. Opera Mobile 10.1 beta loads quicker in certain circumstances and has an awesome bookmarking menu, while Firefox has an awesome sync option that allows me to take my PC browsing with me on my Nokia N900. Choice is a wonderful thing.

And on that topic there is a new version of Firefox 4. It’s beta version number 4.

You can download it here.

What features are you getting with this version?

The Real Deal: Forget about the clunky, stripped-down mobile Web you’re used to. Firefox delivers the performance and security you expect, plus all the bells and whistles you know and love. Site for Sore Eyes: Tabs and browser controls are stowed away to the sides of the screen. Now you can see what’s been hiding all this time – the entire Web page. Enjoy the view. Touch of Genius: Bookmark your favorite sites with one touch. Swipe your finger across the screen to access tabs or install useful add-ons. Double tap to zoom. So smart it’s simple. Awesome Bar: Forget about typing long URLs, let the Awesome Bar do the searching and get you the sites you love in an instant. Get Personal: Add-ons have gone mobile. Personalize your browser and make it your own. Search and install add-ons on the go. Password Manager: Typing passwords on your phone is just plain hard. Why do it more than once? Choose to “remember” site passwords and forget ever having to endure long and difficult typing. Fab Tabs: Your tabs are close at hand. Just swipe your finger to the right to see thumbnails of all your open tabs to find what you want quickly. Be a Local… Wherever You Are: Looking for the city’s best live music joint? An alternative route to the highway? Get insider info and access maps with Location-Aware Browsing. Get Up and Go: Get Firefox Sync and surf the Web on your PC, get up and go, and have everything waiting for you on your phone: your history, open tabs, bookmarks, the Awesome Bar – just as you had left it.

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