It was just the other day that Mozilla rolled out Firefox 4 Beta 4 for Maemo for free and now they have released Beta 5. There is no stopping these guys.

Changelog from Mozilla – What’s New in this Firefox 4 Beta

Beta 5 is a very important step towards our final release, even though we did not add any major features in this release. Based on all the great user feedback we have received, have continued to focus on making the browser faster, more stable, and more usable with this version:


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Performance and Memory Usage

We improved startup speed even more (compared to Beta 3 and Beta 4). This was a top request from Beta 3 users.
Improved page load speed
Firefox will now move its profile data to the SD card when you move the application to the SD card on Android 2.2 or higher
Scrolling and page rendering are faster and smoother
JavaScript is faster – our benchmarks show additional performance improvement in Beta 5 compared to Beta 4.
Reducing memory and optimizing CPU usage are ongoing themes. We have been working on improvements in this area to make the browser more responsive and stable. Overall responsiveness has improved. We have identified some additional options for improvement, especially when using Firefox Sync, which we will launch soon. You will see continuous improvement in our future releases

User Interface

No major changes in this release compared to Beta 4, as we focused mostly on stability, usability, and performance
Many miscellaneous bug fixes, usability improvements, and optimizations for a better experience. Firefox for mobile Beta 4 is more stable than previous versions (we fixed a number of issues that could lead to crashes under certain circumstances – see below)

Download it here or check your Nokia N900 Application Manager for updates.