It was a little over a month ago when Cloud596 rolled out his Symbian Anna icon pack for my Nokia N900 and he has been busy creating a new icon set called Harmattan. Equally impressive, the man is a genius to get this icon set out there so quickly. One can download the latest Harmattan icon pack from the Application Manager or you can download it from here: harmattan-icons-pack_1-1.1.1.-2_all.deb and run it from your file manager. I used Filebox.

Unlike the Symbian Anna icons in the Settings area, the icons are mostly white on grey, which look awesome. If I have to be a little picky, it would be for the 3rd party icons that are coloured (a small detail, which I am sure can be changed).

The menu bar has changed a little as well, most noticeable is the Battery and Volume icons.

The Media Player icons can look awesome but require one to do a bit of manual work. I prefer using WinSCP to connect to my Nokia N900 over WIFI, but it’s entirely up to you how you do it. Here are the steps:

Take a backup of the icons in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/164×164/hildon/ (this is the default location of your existing Media Player icons).
Go to /usr/share/icons/harmattan-icons-pack/164×164/hildon/ folder where the new Harmattan icons are, and copy all the mediaplayer*.png files to a temporary folder on your computer or onto a temporary location on your N900.
From your temporary folder on your computer or N900, copy all the mediaplayer*.png files back to /usr/share/icons/hicolor/164×164/hildon/ overwriting the files that already exist.

Please visit [RELEASE] HARMATTAN modify icon pack for all the news and to thank Cloud596 for his excellent work.

Extra Icons:

Copy to


Copy to


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