There have been some great facebook programs over the past 2 years. Kasvopus by Tommi Laukkanen, the guy behind was my current favorite Facebook program. There is also Sociality written by Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, not to mention the Effing N900 Status Updater by Richard Merren, which is not a fully fledged facebook application, but handles status updates extremely well and has a link to a mobile facebook client.

There is now a new kid on the block … fMobi is a facebook client by Juuso Kosonen, the man behind In the short time that I’ve had it running on my Nokia N900, I can safely say it is the best facebook experience ever, and no Juuso has not paid me to say that!

Here are some of the features. Do visit the Maemo page where Jkosonen annouced fMobi – Facebook mobile client.

News feed, Chat, Profile, User info, Messages, Check In / Places, Top Friends, Liked Pages, Groups, Events, Commenting / Liking,

Some more features:

View comments / likes, Albums / Photos, Notifications, Landscape / Portrait, Black / White theme.

I downloaded the fMobi Maemo client from