The Raspberry Pi will definitely be the next BIG “small thing” and it will prosper because of the massive Linux community supporting it.

If only the Nokia N900 could have been as cheap as the Raspberry Pi is today, then even more people could have had the opportunity to experience this awesome device (the N900 that is ;-)). I mean the RPi is not that small (85.60mm x 56mm x 21mm), when you add all the extras needed to run it (keyboard, cables, network cable, screen, case etc), which just goes to show how remarkable my Nokia N900 is in its 180g, 110.9mm x 59.8mm x 18 mm case.

So what if you have a Raspberry Pi and a Nokia N900 and wanted to put both awesome devices to good use, well you can thanks to a great article in the August 2012 edition of the Linux Journal, titled “N900 and a slice of Raspberry Pi” by Kyle Rankin, who describes how to connect my Nokia N900 to a Raspberry Pi in a private USB network, share the N900’s mobile network and even use the N900 as a pocket-sized remote display.

It is a great article.

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