Sakya has taken the ‘Enhanced Lockscreen‘ addon created by MohhamadAG and made it even better with a new addon called QtLockscreen for my Nokia N900.

It is fully customizable and by that I mean everything one sees on the screen can be changed via a configuration file (font, images, icons, clock, play, fast forward, rewind, pause etc).

In the past one swipe from left to right would unlock the N900. Enhanced Lockscreen introduced music control icons, which allowed the user to play, pause, rewind or fast forward the song while the N900 was locked.

Now, to unlock the phone one holds down the lock key at the bottom of the screen for a second.

QtLockscreen also supports portrait mode and the image can be the same or completely different to the one used in landscape mode.

The configuration file is call QtLockscreen.ini and is found in /home/user/.config/sakya – It can be easily edited to your hearts content. Note: If you change the configuration file you need to kill the lockscreen (or reboot).

sudo gainroot kill qtlockscreen

I find if I have X-Term open and logged in as root, then I am able to WinSCP into my N900 via WIFI and edit the QtLockscreen.ini without rebooting. Sometimes I have to ‘kill qtlockscreen’ but not always. Waiting 10 seconds or so and the changes take effect. Make sure if you have Enhanced lockscreen installed that it’s uninstalled before using QtLockscreen. One should reboot as well.

Q: “How do I edit the QtLockscreen.ini file if I am not using WinSCP?”
A: If one has Leafpad installed then:

sudo gainroot cd /home/user/.config/sayka leafpad QtLockscreen.ini

Here is another way using the “vi” editor. Instructions courtsey of KishanW

– Gain root access
sudo gainroot

– Goto the directory
cd .config/sakya/

– open the file from the vi editor [no need to install this software]
vi QtLockscreen.ini

– Go to insert mode
click ‘i’

******* After you edited the file *******
– to save changes
click ‘esc’ then type ‘:x’

– to discard changes and exit
click ‘esc’ then type ‘:q!’

******* Restart the lockscreen*******
– killall qtlockscreen

A truly marvellous addon. The package is available in extras-devel:

Please visit and show your support to the maemo community by thanking the good people creating such cool addons for the N900.


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