There is a wonderful thread over at created by ammyt explaining how I can set up the Sense theme on my Nokia N900. Ammyt only recently told us how to install the Sense theme on our NITDroid N900. The guy is incredibly dedicated to the Sense cause.

One thing I will say is be prepared to try and try again. It took me quite a while to get my Sense theme (clock, weather and dock perfect) and I am not there yet. The dock is currently an image only. I still need to understand how to add the instructions for the buttons.

As it’s quite a detailed process I recommend following the instructions on the forum, because if you get stuck you can post a question to Ammyt. Sense 3.1 theme is made up of 8 to 11 Queen Beecon Widgets, which need to customized. If one follows the instructions on the first page of the forum in a logical step by step manner, then the process is easy. Below is a screenshot of the various parts, after I had completed the steps.

One thing I noticed, which the instructions failed to mention, is that it’s important to follow a certain order when building the clock. The transparent rectangle needs to be placed first, then the two one blocks, then the hour and minute numbers and finally the weather widget, that way the numbers stand out nicely on the white blocks and the weather widget lies on top of the grey transparent area, making it stand out. You can see differences in the two screenshots below:

Here is what it should like (looks awesome):

I played around with the weather widgets and in the end used OmWeather widget instead of Yahoo weather as it has more choice. As one can see it works brilliantly in Portrait mode as well.

I highly recommended trying this Sense clock, dock and weather. Please visit the forum and thank Ammyt for his excellent work.


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