Ammyt is one of the brilliant guys behind the NITDroid project.

NITDroid is an Android port for the N900, an Android variant that is currently based on Android Gingerbread 2.3.4. By installing NITDroid, you will have a fully functioning Android OS on your device, apart from voice in calls.

He latest endeavour is to develop the HTC Sense theme for my Nokia N900 NITDroid.

It’s awesome to say the least!


NITDroid – You need to have at least version N11 (Vostok) or N12 (UMay) installed.
A working network connection (WIFI will do).
A File Manager to install the *.apks for NITDroid (or something similar) or one can use the terminal emulator to install the *.apks (if you are familiar with adb). – For the purpose of this guide, I am using Astro file manager, which I downloaded through Best App in the Android Market Place.
The Sense download file called Sensible. (click the link to download from the RapidShare site).

Setting up the dock:

Extracted the contents of the zip file onto my computer first and then copied the 4 folders (SenseDock, SenseBkground, Launcherpro, Flipclock) using WinSCP over WIFI to my /home/user/MyDocs folder on my Nokia N900.
Reboot, keeping the keyboard open. Select NITDroid from the multi-boot menu.
Once in NITDroid opened Astro file manager and browsed to the /Launcherpro folder and installed LauncherPro Plus v0.8.6.apk
After tapping the Install button, mine was blocked, but I just needed to go into Settings and switch on Unknown Sources which made the necessary changes to allow all future 3rd party applications to be installed.

I will be changing my screenshots to be more visible. I am not happy with them.

Return to the home screen by hard clicking the camera button. One should see a dialog prompting you to choose between launcher and launcher pro. Choose launcher pro and set it as the default.

Slide the lock-screen button to get to the menu.

tap on preferences –> Appearance Settings –> Dock background –> Custom
Select Gallery from the pop up menu.
This opens into a 3D gallery and one needs to scroll to the thumbnail folder called SenseDock.
Tap on it to open it and select the icon that has writing and looks like a dock.

Go back to preferences.

Tap on the Dock Settings –> Number of docks –> choose 1.
Go back to preferences then tap Restart LauncherPro.

Go back to the home-screen and one will see the HTC dock with some icons on it. Pay close attention to this.

Hold down the left-most icon and when a pop up menu appears, tap on ‘change shortcut’ and then choose ‘App Drawer’.
Hold down the next icon and when a pop up menu appears, tap on ‘change shortcut’ and the choose ‘Applications’, then choose ‘Phone’.
Repeat the step for the following icon choosing what you want as your shortcut application.
Repeat the step for the following icon choosing what you want as your shortcut application.
Hold down the last icon –> change shortcut –> Activities –> LauncherPro –> Preferences.
Now, the icons are neatly arranged accordingly.

The last step is to hold down the left-most icon again and when the pop menu appears choose ‘Change icon’ and select ‘Custom icon’.

Select Gallery from the pop up menu.
Scroll to the thumbnail folder called SenseDock and click on the black thumbnail.
This will hide the left-most shortcut.
Repeat this step for all of the shortcuts on the dock. (four of them).

Sense Clock:

Open your file manager, go to Flipclock folder, install every *.apk in there. (there are three files).
Go back to the home-screen, hold down an empty space in the home-screen –> click ‘Widgets’ –> Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Weather & Flip Clock’.
At this point one needs to be connected to the Internet in order for a file to be downloaded. This takes a few seconds to download.
Now choose your location preferences, and auto update interval and then click Save.
Open the App menu –> Weather & Toggle Widget –> Widget skin wizard –>