Arcean, the guy behind Gnumeric – a spreadsheet application for N900, has created a script that allows my Nokia N900 to work in portrait mode (Yes, portrait mode has always worked if CSSU is installed but with this script the icons on the desktop now spin around when the N900 is turned into portrait mode). It’s not quite a rotating homes screen / view, but it is close.

The first time one turns the N900 into Portrait mode, you need to align your icons or widgets into the correct position or location. You only need to do this once, and the position will be saved or remembered (as it is in horizontal mode). I have tested a number of screens as demonstrated in the video and screenshots below. It works really well. Very impressive. Well done Arcean!

Installation Instructions:

Download: hd_18_07_2011.deb and then copy it to your /home/user/MyDocs folder (Note: This version might not be the latest, so please check the first post over at for confirmation – As it happens it’s the latest version as of 19/07/2011).

sudo gainroot cd /home/user/MyDocs dpkg -i hd_18_07_2011.deb

Reboot your N900.

Here is a my video demonstrating some of the screens in Portrait mode. Watch how I change the position of the icons and then come back to portrait mode and they are in their same locations.

I tried various screens and there are a few bugs, but nothing major and everything works well.

Here are a random selection of screenshots that I have tested.

To remove:

This is the command for removing the new Hildon desktop as per the thread

sudo apt-get install –reinstall hildon-desktop; killall hildon-desktop


The in-development Maemo 5 Community SSU (Laasonen post)
The in-development Maemo 5 Community SSU (Arcean post)