Nine months ago I explained “How to have 9 sexy desktops on your Nokia N900?” and ever since then many people have asked me various questions relating to the scripts that were discussed in that post, scripts that many others in the know had written to get more than 4 desktops to be viewable. If you are not comfortable with scripts then there is an easier way.

Visit the CSSU (Community Seamless Software Update) wiki page and follow the installation instructions. It will explain how to download and install some software or firmware onto your device. Once installed and you have rebooted your N900 you will have extra options available to you that were not available at the time of the N900’s release. To ensure you have the latest CSSU, go to Settings and scroll down until you see the icon ‘About Community SSU’ under the General section.

For example, let us say you want to enable 7 views (desktops) instead of the default 4 views.

It is really easy just follow these steps (assuming you have the latest CSSU version installed):

Tap on your desktop and select the cog that appear at the top right hand corner.

Tap on the ‘Desktop Menu’ at the top of the page.
From the pull down menu, tap on the ‘Manage Views’ button.

To activate a view, scroll through the views from left to right or right to left (there will be 9 views in total). Tap the view you would like to enable. It will be in the order that you see them. A check or tick appears on the view.

Tap on the ‘Done’ button when finished.
Tap on the ‘Done’ button in the top right hand corner to save the desktop view.
Scroll through your views (Desktops).

A lot easier than fiddling with scripts in X-term?