I recently changed my theme to Dark Sky and after I rebooted my Nokia N900 all the icons returned to the former glory of having a shadow around the icon. Some might like the shadow but I prefer to have a clean icon with no shadow and what appears to be a transparent background.

I prefer to do all my changes via WinSCP instead of typing in X-Term, but it’s entirely up to you how you do it and there is no right or wrong way.


I log into my Nokia N900 via WinSCP and goto /usr/share/themes/alpha/images folder. Don’t be alarmed when you notice the folder path has changed to /opt/themes//images folder. It does this automatically because the /themes folder is actually a shortcut to the opt/themes folder.
Rename ApplicationShortcutApplet.png to ApplicationShortcutApplet.png.old and rename ApplicationShortcutAppletPressed.png to ApplicationShortcutAppletPressed.png.old

Note: Sometimes depending on the name of your theme (in my case ‘Dark Sky’), one would look for the actual folder of your theme under the themes folder. Alpha normally represents the default theme.

To rename a file in WinSCP press ‘F2‘ or ‘Right click‘ and select ‘Rename‘ from the context menu. Rename the extention to ‘bak‘. Repeat for the second file.

Done, now exit out of WinSCP and Reboot your Nokia N900.



Dark Sky Theme