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Firmware for Nokia N900:

NITDroid (Android port & Dual Booting) for the Nokia N900:

Installing Meego onto the N900:

Overclocking the N900:

Modifying the Nokia N900:

  • Do it yourself Liviu Farbas has done an awesome post on his Nokia N900 modifications. His post details how he added a full size USB port, and a solar panel to the device. You can also see what others have said about his modifications here at the website.

Nokia N900 How to do the million and one things this tablet can do:

Multiple desktops Up to 9 desktops are possible:

Dual Booting Maemo and Meego:
As I have not tried any of the links below, I am recommending readers show caution with the links below. They are listed for reference purposes only. Please visit the Maemo Talk Forum for more information.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + Shift + Fn + L: turns the desktop into vertical or portrait mode. I have tested this with 9 desktops and it works. It does not stay though if one clicks into a task manager or application.
  • Ctrl + Shift + s / f: Added zoom in/out support in hildon-desktop (see post PR update available for Maemo 5 CSSU).
  • Ctrl + Backspace: From within an application this will take you back out to the visual task manager. (Thanks to Chanse for that one.)
  • Ctrl + C: Copy text
  • Ctrl + V: Paste text
  • Ctrl + X: Cut text
  • Ctrl + A: Select all
  • Ctrl + O: Open (if available)
  • Ctrl + N: Create a new item (if available)
  • Ctrl + S: Save (if available)
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo (if available)
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo (if available)
  • Ctrl + F: Open search bar (if available)
  • Ctrl + Right arrow: Move the insertion point to the end of the word
  • Ctrl + Left arrow: Move the insertion point to the beginning of the word

To highlight words, use the shift key (far left) and the directional arrows on the keyboard to select text, or you can use the stylus and double tap for a word or triple tap for all words in a document to select.

Web browser shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + N: Open a new window
  • Ctrl + R: Reload the current page
  • Ctrl + B: Open a bookmark
  • Ctrl + D: Add a bookmark
  • Ctrl + Shift + O: Portrait View in Browser (Oh yes, yes, yes), thanks to the guys over at Nokia N900 Applications for this little Gem.
  • Volume Rocker on side of phone to zoom in and out.

Email shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + Enter: Send a message
  • Ctrl + R: Reply to a message

RSS Reader shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + R: Refresh the feed

Screenshot shortcut:

  • Ctrl + Shift + P: Capture a screenshot. Warm up those fingers first to try this out. (Thanks Nokia Experts reader Matti for the tip.)

As mentioned above, thanks to the Nokia Experts for these shortcuts. Of course they can be found in the manual if you find yourself all alone on a cold and rainy day.

Here is a page discussing how to remap your keyboard.

Reddit N900: