LinkedUp is a brilliant Linkedin application for my Nokia N900, written in Qt C++ & QML by Anthony Naddeo (Antman8969) of the Maemo / Meego community. It helps me find past and present colleagues quickly by typing in a name of a person or company. I can also view my profile, see who has updated their profiles, display all my first degree connections, see related news articles via Google or read up on a company and then follow their news.

As you know Linkedin is all about managing your professional identity, building and engaging with your professional network. It’s a great employment searching tool as well and many oportunities are available through it. LinkedIn is often referred to as the Facebook for professional business men and women.

The very first time you run LinkedUp, you are redirected to a secure LinkedIn login. Obviously at this point one needs to have a Linkedin account or be logged in already to continue.

When the ‘continue’ button is clicked one is given a pin code, which needs to be remembered. Head back to the LinkedUp and enter in the pin code to be authorized.

In this latest release v0.6, Anthony has added a carousel style home screen, which makes moving around the various activities a pleasure. The scrolling of the carousel is very smooth and effective as demonstrated in the video below.

One of the most useful features is the ability to lookup my connections, the people that I am already connected too.

Clicking into a connections shows me their profile and I have the chance to send them a message.

Another great feature is the Search Results screen as described by Anthony on his website:

Find someone’s profile interesting? Connect with them by providing LinkedUp with their email address or send them a message to find out more about them. You can see what line of work they are in, what their specialties are and their past experience, so finding the right connections is a breeze.

Other features:

Search Companies.
Look up Finance information for a company.
Get news from Google relating to the company.
Follow a company.

LinkedUp works well in both portrait and horizontal mode.
UI background colors taken from your current theme.

It would be nice to have and option “to edit my profile” and I couldn’t see an option to “unfollow a company”.

I asked Anthony what happens if the authentication fails for some reason and there are two things one can do to resolve this issue:

Remove the application permission from your linkedin page on a browser.
Delete the settings file on your N900. You can do this via X-Term:

sudo gainroot cd /home/user/.config/linkedup/ rm linkedup.conf

Do visit where LinkedUp was announced to show your thanks and to provide feedback.

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