The brilliant man behind Macuco (Felipe Crochik) has ported over his ‘awesome looking’ mobile web mail for Gmail onto the Nokia N900. It’s called MobWebMail and bar a few visual changes it looks very similar to his Macuco client.

Some of MobWebMail’s features include:

Browse your Gmail account using your touch screen device. Buttons are really finger friendly.
Supports Screen auto-rotation,

Supports full-screen view,
Supports different zoom levels,
Supports downloading attachments (awesome functionality).
On the top of a very simple interface it allows the user to switch between gmail accounts/sessions with one click.

Here are the differences between Macuco and MobWebMail where the main differences are:

MobWebMail only allows gmail browsing.
MobWebMail allows you to access multiple gmail accounts by keeping separate sessions with distinct set of cookies. One can switch between them with two clicks.

MobWebMail allows to download attachments.
MobWebMail shows an indicator any time the browser is requesting more data from the server (not just while loading the first page like macuco).
MobWebMail does not use the standard Maemo UI (menus, task bar, close button, …).

Overall a very cool application and it will definitely become my default email client. You can download it from the thread where it was announced and please do thank Felipe Crochik.

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