MobWebMail the GMail client from Felipe Crochik, that was recently released for my Nokia N900 has just had an update (version 1.0.6) and it now offers some much needed extras. I have placed a red squares around the most noticeable changes.

The Exit button has moved from the middle of the screen to the top right hand corner. It also changes from the word EXIT to an X. This frees up more space on the screen for extra gmail accounts.
The ‘switch to taskbar‘ icon in the top left hand corner is a welcome sight and now conforms with the majority of applications on the N900.
There is also a help button in the bottom left hand corner which takes one to a nice laid out logo screen with a link to a support web site.
The movement from logo (normally bottom right to these options or account creation is so slick and smooth). It bounces across the screen in such a lovely motion. I found myself watching it over and over. Very nice! (I know – small things amuse ….. ).
One can zoom within MobWebMail by pressing the Volume rocker up or down. It works really well. I know this might bother others, but I rarely use the volume buttons on my Nokia N900, as I have the Nokia BH-905 headphones and they have their own volume controls.

Overall these are small changes, but they are very affective. Please do visit fcrochik over at and thank him for his effort.

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MobWebMail is Gmail for the Nokia N900.