How many Smartphones allow you a multiboot menu with the options to:

Load a kernel that allows you to overclock the device?
Load a default kernel with no overclocking oe modifications?
Load a completely different operating system (Android)?
Create, modify, delete partitions, backup and restore options?

My Nokia N900 has this option thanks to some wonderful open source applications. Below is a short tutorial on how this is possible. I found it on the forum and it was written by Mido.Fayed.

Edit 20/02/2013: The files listed on this post were pointing to a location that no longer existed, so I searched for the same files and found them on (You might want to visit this link, as there appears to be a newer version of the backupmenu-multiboot to what I originally wrote about. I have updated one of the lines of code below to match this version).

Before starting you need to download three files that need to be on the N900. (th

i2c-tools –
liblzo2-2 –
mtd-utils –

Copy them to /home/user/MyDocs on the Nokia N900 and run the following command:

dpkg -i i2c-tools.deb liblzo2-2.deb mtd-utils.deb

Download the main file (multiboot-0.2.11.deb) from here: – It contains all the necessary installation files needed to create the multiboot menu, to install the power kernel and create the BackupMenu ( (backupmenu-multiboot-1.2_0.65-1.deb).

Now open X Terminal or WinSCP/Putty to connect wirelessly to the N900 to run the commands. Check out “How to connect N900 with PC using WIFI“, for a great tutorial.

sudo gainroot {if on N900 keyboard} cd /home/user/MyDocs dpkg -i multiboot-0.2.11.deb dpkg -i backupmenu-multiboot-1.2_0.65-1.deb dpkg -i kernel-power-bootimg_2.6.28-maemo46_armel.deb dpkg -i kernel-power-modules_2.6.28-maemo46_armel.deb dpkg -i multiboot-kernel-maemo_0.3-1_armel.deb dpkg -i multiboot-kernel-power_0.3-1_armel.deb dpkg -i kernel-power-headers_2.6.28-maemo46_armel.deb dpkg -i kernel-power_2.6.28-maemo46_armel.deb dpkg -i kernel-power-flasher_2.6.28-maemo46_armel.deb dpkg -i kernel-power-settings_0.11_armel.deb

Restart N900 with an open keyboard and you will see 3 choices if you have already installed NITDroid:
1 – Maemo kernel-power46
2 – NITDroid 2.6.28.NIT.06 on mmcblk0p2
3 – BackupMenu

If you are wondering what NITDroid is, check out my post “How to install NITDroid version 0.0.9?“