I stumbled upon a nifty little application called Effing N900 Status Updater for quickly updating my Facebook status without actually opening Facebook on my Nokia N900. It was created by Richard Merren and is small in size and very discreet.

The name is some what strange given the word “Effing” can be quite derogatory in some countries and for friends to see my status from “my Effing Status Updater” almost makes one think that I cannot stand my Nokia N900, which is not true, so it is a welcome sight that the creator was kind enough to include an extra ‘Tag line for status updates‘ in the Effing Configuration Screen (*green button) called ‘N900 Status Updater‘. Off course most people will know what it means (‘eff’ = F for Facebook).

Pressing the refresh button (*red button), pulls in a list of my old Facebook statuses.

The 2nd button (*blue button) on the main screen opens Facebook in your default browser, which will load the ‘Full Facebook Site‘ or the ‘Facebook Touch Site‘. This can be configured in the Effing Configuration screen (*green button) as well. Again a nice touch especially if you want to quickly load Facebook, which I find the ‘Facebook Touch Site’ to be.

There is a GPS locator (*yellow button) that gives one a choice to use or not. I am not a big fan of GPS locators, but everyone to their own. The GPS connected really quickly and found a whole bunch of things in my area, so I guess if I was lost in the mountains and were to ask for help, this would useful.

Which leaves the ‘new status’ bar at the bottom. Type in your status and click on the (*white button) and your status update is sent to facebook.

You can download Effing from the Application Manager in Extras, Extras-Testing or Extras-Devel. Overall a handy application that does one thing really well.

* these are my edited screenshots with colour effects to show off the buttons. They do not appear this way in the application.