One of the unique features of my Nokia N900 is the ability to customize it. If I’m bored with a font or a theme or a background or an icon set I can simply change it by loading up Theme Customizer. Created by d-iivil from the community, this application is rich with features. Once installed it can be found in Settings.

Take the desktop example above. I am currently using the Dark Sky theme and the standard Nokia N900 hicolor icon set, but I have recently downloaded the symbian-anna-icon set, which I want to use, and I hear the Plastic Dark Blue theme looks rather cool as well.

So I have loaded up Theme Customizer and changed Dark Sky to Plastic Dark Blue theme. I want to keep my current wallpaper so I select the option ‘Keep my current wallpapers‘.

I want to stick with the ‘Nokia Pure Text‘ Font as it’s a great looking font, but had I wanted to change the font, there are loads of cool fonts to choose from in the Font section. The Font size (DEFAULT) is perfect, so I leave that alone.

Check out the font colours and the choices. Eight sections can be changed if I wanted too, plus there is the option to load previously saved colours. Tapping on each of the buttons takes one into a colour chart where one can use your finger or stylus to pick the desired colour. One can also use the keyboard and type in the 6 character color code (e.g. #ffffff equals white).

Scrolling down a little further brings one to the Icon Theme. Tapping in shows me the available icon sets. I selected the symbian-anna-icons.

There are also options to set the ‘Snap-to-grid size‘, another option to set ‘Widget opacity‘ or ‘Menu bar opacity‘, and how the ‘App shortcut‘ icons must look. In the menu of Theme Customizer is a plethora of settings as well. To apply the changes I have made, one taps on the ‘Apply Changes‘ button at the bottom of the screen. There is an option to ‘Auto-reboot after saving settings‘, which is sometimes necessary. Immediately upon Applying changes, a backup is taken and the settings are applied. A message appears on the screen that the theme customization has taken place.

The results: Nice rounded icons for the applications, and the plastic theme has been applied throughout, but noticeable in the notification area by the rounded edges.

My Application Menu showing the symbian-anna-icons:

You can find Theme Customizer in the Application manager or at or you can head over to thread 62960 at where it was announced. The ‘symbian-anna-icons’ can also be found in the Application manager.