Normally I would be giving you news of the latest Nokia N900 applications or widgets, or something amazing about the Nokia N900, but today I am asking my visitors for some help. I need your recommendations added to the comment field of my website over at Nokia Sweden.

There is a competition at the Nokia Sweden website, whereby one can become a Nokia N9 test pilot for a month.

Nokia Sweden will be giving 30 lucky people the Nokia N9 and will encourage them to to play with it, talk about it, blog about it, video it etc, and after all that is done, one gets to keep the N9. There is no where on the website to suggest the competition is not open to people outside of Sweden, so I have signed up and pitched my reasons why I should be one of the 30 lucky soles.

NB: Nokia Sweden have added another twist and that is they need my family, friends and website supporters to visit the following website: and to leave a comment on the site, motivating why I should be one of the 30 lucky test pilots.

So it is simple, please show your support by visiting the website or click on the image below and leave a comment on the website as to why I should be the one.

My pitch is below.