Pali a member of has released a new version of kernel-power. It is version 2.6.28-10power47.

Some of the new features are:

Compiled more USB host modules.
Backported bq27x00_battery module (battery status).
Some patches from garage projects.
Multiboot support.
Fixed problem with JoikuSpot_Bouncer.

Installation Steps:

I received a notification to update to the latest kernel. If you have not received this notification, then check your application manager or do a search for “Linux kernel for power user“.

Late Edit: 08/05/2011 – Funny enough even after downloading the kernel from the Application Manager, it had not installed correctly because it was missing the ‘kernel-power-bootimg‘.
BTW: I found this extra information from post 75 in the maemo forum and I would highly recommend you follow the thread (71879).

So assuming you have already installed Linux kernel for power users 2.6.28-10power47, do a search for kernel-power-bootimg in the Application Manager or FAM or if you are a X-Term geek quickly type the following command:

sudo gainroot apt-get update apt-get install kernel-power-bootimg

Reboot you Nokia N900, open the keyboard and one should see an extra menu item named Linux (it’s my 2nd menu item). Select it!

To make use of the ‘power kernel’ download a widget called maxCPU from the Application Manager. From the widget menu add it to your desktop.

It starts off at 600 MHz, which was your maximum MHz before overclocking.

Now click on the + sign. A prompt appears “Do you really want to overclock?

Well of course you do and you do not want to be prompted each time, so tap on the Yes button. Your MHz will change according (in steps) and will show in red.

There you have. To verify that my Nokia N900 is indeed running at 850 MHz I have installed a little application called Conky from the Application manager. It also shows the kernel one is running and other bits of juicy information.

Another useful widget that tells similar information is called “Desktop Command excecution Widget“.