From the creator (Tommi Laukkanen) of TwimGo, comes another brilliant application called NewsFlow. It is a Google reader client for the N900 written in QT Quick and QML.

If you want to quickly read a website without loading it in a browser, then RSS feeds are for you. Google Reader constantly checks your favorite websites and blogs for new content. Whether a site updates daily or monthly, you can be sure that you won’t miss a thing. I have almost all my blogs, gadget, technology, photography, advice websites setup under various categories or tags for ease of use.

What is special about NewsFlow?

Simple to use.
Flexible – one can read posts or websites via all items, unread items, starred items, subscriptions or tags.
Fast scrolling thanks to QT Quick and QML.

Show read items in list in lighter color.
Share to Facebook/Twitter. (Nice).

Mark posts unread.
Shortcuts overlaid on screen are very discreet.
Minimize functionality on N900 by tapping top left corner.
Graphics in posts.
Themes (black or white) background.

Black is awesome!

White works just as well!

Portrait mode works brilliantly.

Please visit Tommi at his website ‘Substance of code‘, where you can download his brilliant Google reader called NewsFlow.

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