Another night, another chance to load up NITDroid N12 (UMay) – Gingerbread 2.3.4. Coming from Maemo 5 the Application Manager can be quite disasterous if the wrong app in installed, well for the noob in us all , so it’s quite refreshing to scroll through the Android Market, but one soon realizes that the market is a complete mess of hundreds if not thousands of free and pay apps. Unless one knows the name of the app, finding apps can be quite tedious and pointless, so a big thanks goes to a wonderful application called Best Apps Market.

Tapping on Top Apps, gives one a list showing various categories such as: Apps Everyone should have, Fun at a Party Apps, Organize your life apps, Apps movie lovers applaud etc. There are over a dozen categories.

For this post I went into Apps Everyone Should Have and it’s brilliant. All the apps are listed with a mini description and the app icon. There are all the favorites in there from Twitter, Google Maps, Skype, Barcode scanner, weatherbug etc.

Tapping into an app shows off a couple of screenshots of what the appliction looks like in it’s various screens. There is also a count of Pros & Cons and a button to press to enter in your own Pro or Con. It’s all very user friendly.

At the bottom of the screen are two buttons Send / Share & Market / Install.
Send / Share give you the opportunity to send or share the app screenshots or link via Email, Bluetooth, Facebook, Messaging or with any social tools on your phone.

Market / Install gives you the opportunity to install the app from the Market place. The Market give detailed information on the app as well.

Installation takes place immediately and the download is visible in the notification bar. When it’s done one can run the application from the list.

Quite frankly this application is incredible. I have been blown away by the number of apps I have installed with Best Apps Market and the entire process as been effortless.