I was over at MeegoExperts feeding the thirst, when I stumbled upon this brilliant video of a game called Drone Taxi, which makes use of an AR Drone (ultimate gadget). This game was inspired by the Commodore 64 game ‘Space Taxi’.

MeegoExperts have the following to say …

Drone Taxi is a Game for AR Drone that was inspired by Commodore 64 game space taxi, the idea being to transfer customers between landing pads. The game was developed for the MeeGo Summit 2011 meegathon competition that it won.

The game can run on desktop Linux, Maemo and MeeGo Platforms. Written in C++ and uses Qt, AR ToolKit and MeesBe libraries. The Code is Open Source and can be built on all three platforms without any issues.

So I looked up this AR Drone helicopter and it turns out that it is already available for the iPhone (Doh!), but how awesome is it that it will soon be available for Maemo, Meego and Linux, all open source platforms? There is a website called AR Drone Helicopters and it says the following:

At first glance, the AR.Drone looks like an impressive remote controlled helicopter, except for that it has 4 independent rotors. Known as a “Quadricopter” the Parrot AR.Drone is much more than your run of the mill RC helicopter. Communication and control of the AR.Drone is what makes it unique. Flown through Wi-Fi network signals, the AR.Drone constantly streams images back to the control interface which in this case is the Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch. Images are brought back to the pilot in real time allowing for a truly “Remote Controlled” experience. Never before has such technology been put together in one package, allowing the AR.Drone helicopter to do something no other remote controlled vehicle can do, except for the U.S. Military’s Predator Drone.

The guys who developed this game did it for the MeeGo Summit 2011 meegathon competition and they won it. Check out the video and you will see why?