Staying with the Raspberry Pi theme, I stumbled upon a fantastic post written by Jeremy Ehrhardt of Bat Country, that gives a detailed account on how to connect a Raspberry Pi to a Nokia N900 using USB networking?

There is a lot to learn from Jeremy’s post even if you are not interested in the Raspberry Pi, as he goes on to describe in great detail how to prep the Nokia N900 before setting up the Raspberry Pi network interface config and these steps have been the building blocks to setting up my Nokia N900 Smartphone in the past.

Reset N900 to factory state.
Flash eMMC image.
Flash rootfs image.
Install community-maintained Maemo (CSSU).
Maemo wiki: N900 USB networking.
Useful apps such as ‘OpenSSH Client’ and Server or ‘rootsh’.

An example of what Jeremy has to offer on his website.