It’s not often I run out of space on my Nokia N900, considering it has a 32GB MyDocs area, a 2G Home area, a 270MB RootFS area, and a 6GB SD card storage area.

Before searching for a solution I like to know what is taking up all the space and a really good application to tell you this is…

Storage Usage makes use of heat maps and calculates the size of each folder and one can also target the main areas quickly and easily.

I have recently installed a lot of games and I think they have been installed into my Home memory, which is not ideal considering this memory is only 2GB in total. It would be a lot better if the games went to MyDocs, which has 32GB.

Possible solutions:

Searching Google reveals a few websites with solutions but I favour because the community behind the N900 is very good and answers tend to be backed up by a number of key people or experts.

Go here:…pace_on_rootfs and under the heading “Safely free some space on rootfs” grab the script under step 2 (right click on the link and Save As – do not click on the link as it will show you a ‘404 not found‘ error). The file you are saving is called ‘‘.
Place ‘‘ in /home/user/MyDocs/

Start x-terminal and type:

sudo gainroot sh /home/user/MyDocs/


Start PuTTY from WinSCP and type:

sh /home/user/MyDocs/

You will see a couple of folders and their sizes and a few moves taking place.

Reboot once done!

Failing that, try and remove some applications that are large and not needed.

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