I installed Opera 11 for Maemo on my Nokia N900 today and have been blown away by it’s speed, super fast scrolling, panning, zooming and all the other fantastic features. As the slogan says “simply the best internet experience“. Here are some of it’s highlights:

Modernized new user interface: There are subtle changes for example the old settings icon (spanner) has been changed to the Opera logo and it’s got an up arrow key representing more options. The URL area is slightly shorter and the Search bar is slightly longer and the menu options are slightly darker in colour otherwise everything on the menu is the same.

Old Opera 10 interface:

Major improvements in panning and zooming.

There are two icons that appear at bottom of the screen (plus to zoom in – minus to zoom out) and clicking on it multiple times allows one to step through the zoom level. One can also just double tap the part of the screen you want zoomed and the screen instantly zooms in 150% or 175% or 200% or 225% or 250% or 300%. These zoom percentages can be set in the Settings area under zoom.

Most notably framerates are much faster and there is no checkerboard effect ever, even when scrolling fast. If a page is long, a button appears for quick jumping to the top or bottom of the page. (very cool feature).

Text stays sharp during zooming and there is a major improvement in text-wrap on zoom. It works so well.

There are multiple options in the Settings area that can be turned on and off and there is a switch for everyone. (Mobile view is particularly useful for heavy websites although to be honest the N900 handles heavy sites with ease.

Other nice touches are the Share URL on social networks, email etc, improved Geolocation support. There are a number of options here (use of cell phone towers, WIFI, GPS etc).

Portrait mode works exceptionally well with super fast scrolling, instant zooming, basically exactly the same features available as in Landscape mode. In the Settings area one can set Portrait or Landscape or Automatic mode and the transition is super quick.

Finally clicking into the Settings to recall History or Bookmarks is a pleasure. Very finger friendly and fluid.

I would highly recommend downloading Opera 11 or updating your Opera 10 to this version.

More screenshots:

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