There is not a lot of information out there on the phone speakers, which is why I find Phone Speakers Switcher a very useful Extras under the Settings on my Nokia N900. It’s not there by default, one has to download it from the Application Manager.

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring.

First thing you will notice when the phone is ringing, is that there are two visual ways to answer a call. One can slide the grey ball on the blue line to the right to answer or to the left to reject or one can press the red button to reject the call or the green button to answer the call. There is a third way to the answer the call and that is by long pressing the camera button.

Slide the keyboard open, and instantly the phone speakers are activated.

Slide the keyboard closed and the phone speakers turn off.

Likewise one can press the camera button once to switch the speakers on or once to switch them off. End a call by pressing the red End button or long press the camera button.

There is also an option in the Settings area of Phone Speakers Switcher Configuration to use the camera button to toggle proximity and to set a delay time for when the speakers must come on. (1 to 10 second delay).

What I would like to see is an option whereby the phone rings, sliding the keyboard out answers the phone and immediately activates the phone speakers.