I have been meaning to write a post for weeks. I have been playing PokerTH on my Samsung Galaxy S2, a game I use to play all the time on my Nokia N900. It rocked, so after updating my N900 recently, I noticed there was a new PokerTH version 0.9.4 by Florian Thauer (floty).

You can see a lot of hard work and effort has gone into this game. It looks fabulous, the game play is quick, finger friendly and the chips on the table sound amazing. When the game starts one is presented with a choice of games. A local game allows you to play against the computer (up to ten player). You can also play an Internet game, create a network game or join a network game. An internet game is best with a steady WIFI connection.

In the bottom left of the screen is a Settings icon. Tapping on it reveals a nicely laid out Settings page with plenty of options to switch on and off. You can really go to town here and customize everything, even your deck of cards.

If you have small fingers touching the various Setting sections is easy, but I would recommend using the stylus otherwise.

The game playing screen has all the important buttons such as Raise, Call, All-In and Fold in bright colours that are clearly visible. They are also large for quick finger action. The slider bar underneath the All-In button allows one to adjust the bet size. The screen can also be maximized, which is a nice touch.

The game is12.3MB in size and can be found in the Maemo Extra-Devel Repository.

If you don’t know how to play poker, well there are hundreds of a good sites you can visit. Most of the big gambling sites such as www.Partypoker.com have really good tutorials on how to play Texas Holdem and they usually have forums where you can post questions and answers. Another awesome site is www.pokerdiy.com – Use this site to find home poker games. You could also list your network games. Finally, check out www.pokerTH.net – They have recently updated their website. It looks great and is full of useful tips and tricks as well as a forum to discuss their No 1 open source poker app.