Another Maemo 5 Community SSU update (Yay!) – My Nokia N900 is turning into one awesome device thanks to these guys: Andrew Flegg, Thomas Perl, Nicolai Hess, Niels Breet, Andre Klapper, Christian Ratzenhofer, Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh and everyone else who was involved with the latest update.

The latest Changelog says…

On the Hildon-desktop they have made the following changes:

Added zoom in/out support in hildon-desktop (Ctrl + Shift + s / f).
Improved press effect.
Implemented Landscape orientation lock.

The Landscape orientation lock now appears in the menu.

When Orientation lock is enabled, one sees the lock applet in the status area.

It seems quicker as well, in almost every sense and I do not have overclocking on.

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