Nikolay Tischenko, the guy behind the best alternative music player for Maemo 5, SomePlayer v.1.5.3, has just released SomeCover v.1.0-3. As the name suggests its an album art downloader and manager.

Above you can see there is no cover art for the album “The Best Damn Thing” by Avril Lavigne, as it has the default music note…

When I load SomeCover on my Nokia N900 it shows all the Albums without cover art including the albums that have art.

One can tap on the albums you want cover art for, or you can just tap the ‘Download all’ button. There is a simple download status bar, which counts up to 100%.

Opening SomePlayer afterwards reveals the album art. Awesome!

I guess the question should be asked, “Why can’t SomeCover be merged into SomePlayer?”
Nikolay Tischenko says:

No, I don’t want to merge. SomeCover is just utility to fetch covers. It may be helpful sometimes. No reason to increase size of SomePlayer. Another reason – SomeCover may be helpful to TPlayer users or stock media player users (after adding support for stock player).

You can download SomeCover from the Application Manager. Please thank Somebody (Nikolay) over at

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