Nikolay Tischenko has just released a music player called SomePlay 1.5.0. Visit where he announced his creation this afternoon. It’s taken him six months to develop, test and perfect. It almost appears as if Nokolay has taken the best music players for the Nokia N900 (the default player + media player + symfonie + Instictiv + Rockbox) and rolled them into one incredibly, awesome music player.

It will definitely replace my default music player on my Nokia N900. It’s that good and here is why:

It plays all the cool music formats MP3, FLAC, WMA, AAC, OGG, ASF, APE, WAV.
It’s got an EQUALIZER (yay!), something that has been missing for a long time on many of good players and one can use the predefined setting, or customize your own and there is the ability to save presets. (this is an awesome feature).

It works with user-manager media library and file system (adding tracks and directories from filesystem).
Quick multi-select songs is possible as well as deselect.

User playlists and dynamic playlists are supported.
Playlist sorting (long tap on playlist in main view).
Short taps on the current playlist icons (left of the song) brings up a context menu with extra options (Clear playlst, Delete, Add to favorites, Enqueue, Add to playlists, Edit tags). This is very slick and works really well.

FMTX support. (radio).
Bluetooth AVRCP support (controlling playback using bluetooth headset), a must have for any Nokia Bluetooth headphones.
Ability to control volume or tracks with locked screen using zoom keys.

Auto-stop timer perfect for when you want to run the music for X hours/minutes/seconds while you doze off.
Auto-pause on headset unplugging (this didn’t work on my Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth headphones when I disconnected – I hope this can be resolved).
There is a dedicated Settings area where one can save playlists, manage libraries (add, remove, edit etc), set the timer, see the about screen etc.

In the settings area one can set landscape, portrait and auto-oriented mode.
Covers search (on file system not in Internet).

There is even HELP for all the new icons that appear on the screens. Help can be found via the About screen.

The ability to control playback via D-Bus. Below are the commands that can be used.

$ dbus-send –type=method_call –dest=ru.somebody.someplayer / $ dbus-send –type=method_call –dest=ru.somebody.someplayer / ru.somebody.someplayer.toggle $ dbus-send –type=method_call –dest=ru.somebody.someplayer / ru.somebody.someplayer.prev $ dbus-send –type=method_call –dest=ru.somebody.someplayer / ru.somebody.someplayer.stop $ dbus-send –type=method_call –print-reply –dest=ru.somebody.someplayer / ru.somebody.someplayer.title $ dbus-send –type=method_call –print-reply –dest=ru.somebody.someplayer / ru.somebody.someplayer.artist $ dbus-send –type=method_call –print-reply –dest=ru.somebody.someplayer / ru.somebody.someplayer.album

I will be giving SomePlayer a a thorough work out this week and will update this site on Friday with my findings. Do visit or [ANNOUNCE] First public release of SomePlayer for all the news on this fine music player for the Nokia N900 and don’t for to thank Nikolay Tischenko for all his hard work.

Finally, it just so happens that my current theme Pleego-remix works really well with this player.