There are a few stock market applications available for my Nokia N900 namely MaeMoney, StockThis and now Stockona (stock owner). Created by Sony123 with help from Tommi Laukkanen (author of Twimgo/Kasvopus/Nelisquare/Newsflow) and the Nokia QT team, this application is somewhat unique because it also offers Finance news.

What makes Stockona in my opinion better?

It’s very much like the Google Finance website, where one can see stock market quotes, charts and finance news related to the stocks or portfolio one might be following. It’s written in QT/QML and is very smooth in the way it works. Here are some of the advantages:

Horizontal and portrait mode are supported.
Supports different views (fundamental versus my portfolio) by a press of a button (View).

All the right information is on the screen in a very simple and clean view. The colours are spot on. There are very subtle buttons on the screen that take nothing away from the information displayed.
Tap into a stock and and one has a more detailed view of the stock quote (last price, change, number of shares, cost basis, market value, gain, gain percentage, days gain and overall return). This all appears on the left side in in horizontal mode.

The screen also caters for the Fundamentals of the stock in question and this appears on the right side of page if in horizontal mode.
There is a ‘Related News’ link and for me this is what makes Stockona brilliant. I can quickly access news headers related to the stock in my portfolio.

It plugs into the grapevine, by that I mean it shows off titbits of news or links to blogs or finance sites that have reported news on a particular company or stock. This screen shows RSS headers of posts. Tap into the headers and one is taken to a more detailed news page.

Fonts are nice and large for easy reading.
Clicking the links automatically opens your browser of choice.
Back on the front page there is a menu button where one can customize the refresh rate, whether you want to switch on a portfolio view, pick the default portfolio to view and where you can enter in your username and password.
The current version is at the time of writing this post.

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