There is a great little app called MiniDLNA by Karl Wintermann that allows me to turn my Nokia N900 into a multimedia hub that can stream music, video and photos to any DLNA supported devices, and these days there are plenty of them around (Video Cameraa, PC, XBOX, PS3, Most new digital LED/LCD TV’s, multimedia boxes, NAS servers etc).

DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance and DLNA Certified devices today connect, discover and communicate with each other over a home network.

Here I am simply turning MiniDLNA on and off and it’s appearing then disappearing on my Windows 7 explorer window.

Here is my Xbox connectting to my N900 when I turn on MiniDLNA. You can see the N900 appear in the Shared devices list and I then select a video and play it. My Xbox is wired to my Router upstairs, which in turn is also wireless, which is how my N900 is connected.

You can download it from, another awesome website detailing everything Maemo. or check out our Application Manager.


dlna – connect and enjoy