In a previous post ‘My Nokia N900 is unique with Theme Customizer‘ I mentioned I had downloaded the Symbian Anna icon pack and installed them with Theme Customizer. Well it seems the developer (cloud596) behind these wonderful icons has been busy updating them, and a new icon pack version 0- has been released into the ‘extra devel’ repository.

Symbian-Anna-Icons in the application menu

Symbian Anna icons in the notification menu.

The icons are refreshingly different and work well with dark themes.

Symbian Anna icons in the Settings menu.

Even the Application Manager has not escaped …

Symbian Anna icons in the Application Manager.

Symbian Anna icons in the conversation screen.

Symbian Anna in Conversations

Check out the thread ‘[Update v 0-8.8.8-8] Symbian-anna-icons pack‘ over at where Symbian Anna icons version 0-8.8.8-8 is being discussed. Don’t forget once you have downloaded the icon pack, you need theme customizer to install it.